Rider Stories

Rider Stories

Robert, an e-bike rider in London, standing with his e-bike in front of his home


Snow, wind, rain or shine, I'm out on my e-bike and loving it!

I've always loved riding, but a home relocation made riding a conventional bike to work very difficult.

Riding my e-bike to work guarantees me a one-hour commute. It's comfortable to ride, durable and faster than driving to work. The power assistance means even after a long shift at work, cycling home is enjoyable.


Majonne, an e-bike rider in London, standing outside with her bike, wearing a helmet.


It's great to be in control of your own journey, not waiting in traffic. My e-bike guarantees a half-hour commute, even though my journey home is uphill.

It's also great for cycling with the kids. We often ride to school together and I continue my journey on the e-bike from there.

However you get around at the moment, an e-bike can save you time and money. I feel fitter and have saved hundreds of pounds in petrol!


Paul, an e-bike rider in London, standing in front of his house wearing cycling gear


Riding an e-bike is a magical feeling, like flying! It puts a smile on my face; I now actually enjoy going into work.

My journey to work includes two steep hills, but even on the hottest days I stay cool.

I'd been looking at e-bikes for a number of years. Trying out an e-bike for the first time convinced me to take the leap and purchase one from my local bike shop.


Marina, an e-bike rider in London, standing with her e-bike on a residential street


My e-bike lets me build exercise into my daily commute while being able to take on hills and busy roads.

I can adjust the settings to put in more effort when I'm feeling up to it, or let the bike do more of the work when I'm feeling tired.

With the money I'm saving, the bike will pay for itself within a year!


Philip, an e-bike rider in London, sitting in a garden


My e-bike takes the strain out of longer commutes, especially during cold winter months. It also saves me time on my journeys.

I was able to experience the benefits of an e-bike before choosing to buy one by borrowing a bike through my work.

I'd recommend e-bikes to anyone!