Majonne's Story

Majonne's Story

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Age: 30s
E-bike make and model: Scott E-Aspect 710
Journey types:
Commuting and business travel
E-bike owner since:
September 2016

What do you enjoy about riding an e-bike? Majonne, an e-bike rider in London, riding her e-bike on a road with some traffic

It's great to be in control of your own journey, not waiting in traffic or relying on a train timetable. Regardless of the weather, it's just so refreshing to be outside and exercising on your way to work.

An e-bike also extends your range. Over the summer I have cycled to client meetings in central London a couple of times, which is about 20 miles from home!


Why did you choose to get an e-bike?

To make my journeys easier and faster. Commuting by car is unreliable as my journey time depends on the traffic. My journey home is uphill pretty much all the way, which is a bit much on a conventional bicycle at the end of a long day.

The e-bike guarantees me a half-hour commute and the uphill journey home is a doddle. I feel fitter and have saved hundreds of pounds in petrol. Now I look forward to cycling home!


Do you encounter any challenges when riding an e-bike?

E-bikes can be quite expensive, so I tend to only ride my e-bike when I know there is secure cycle parking available.

Majonne, an e-bike rider in London, riding her e-bike on a shared-use path
How did you go about choosing and buying your e-bike?

I went to my local e-bike shop, Cycling Made Easy, and tried out a few different models. I also did some research online to see what was available. The staff at my local shop are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly so I decided to purchase there.

I bought via the Cycle-to-Work scheme which is great as it means you don't have to pay tax and it spreads payments over a 12-month period.

Find great e-bike offers.


Who would you recommend e-bikes to?

I would recommend an e-bike to anyone. However you get around at the moment, an e-bike can save so much time and money. You will earn it back in no time and can also cancel your gym membership!

It is also great to cycle with kids, either with a bike trailer or a child seat. You can now also buy electric cargo bikes. My kids are now old enough to ride their own bike so we often ride to school together and I continue my journey on the e-bike from there.