Marina's Story

Marina's Story

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Age: 20s
E-bike make and model: Volt Burlington 2017
Journey types:
E-bike owner since:
November 2017

Marina, an e-bike rider in London, standing with her e-bike on a residential street with bridges connected the buildings overhead

What do you enjoy about riding an e-bike?

An e-bike extends the distance I can comfortably cycle and I don't dread hills or headwinds any more. I also feel safer riding an e-bike. I can pull away at traffic lights quickly and indicate while making turns more easily.


Why did you choose to get an e-bike?

My commute by train was taking up so much of my day, I found I didn't have time to exercise any more. I wanted to build exercise into my daily life in a way that was achievable and not too intimidating.

I also like the reliability of commuting by bike, knowing that my journey will always take the same amount of time.


What are the advantages of an e-bike?

My route to and from work is hilly and on busy roads. Making that journey on a conventional bicycle would be too intimidating, stressful and tiring.

Riding an e-bike lets me put in more effort when I'm feeling up to it, or let the bike do more of the work on days when I'm not on form.


Do you encounter any challenges when riding an e-bike?

The bike is heavy, so it can be tricky to lift it up curbs or stairs. Fortunately, there is secure bike parking on the ground floor where I live and work.

Marina, an e-bike rider in London, riding her e-bike on the street
How did you go about choosing and buying your e-bike?

I wanted a bike that wouldn't take too long to pay back in train ticket savings and which had 0% finance available. I also wanted something practical and suitable for commuting and that my partner would also happy to ride.

I bought my bike from a local independent bike shop. They were able to give personalised advice based on years of experience.

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I went for a bike from a reputable and well-established manufacturer. That way, if parts of the bike fail (such as the battery or motor), I know I'll be able to get replacement parts to fix it and it also comes with a warranty.


Who would you recommend e-bikes to?

Anyone who wishes they could cycle to work but thinks the route would be too tough, too long, too hilly or too intimidating. Also anyone who wants to build up their fitness but doesn't feel ready to make the journey entirely under their own steam yet. I recommend making sure you have somewhere you can lock up your bike securely before you buy. You'll love your new e-bike so much, you'll want to keep it safe!