Paul's Story

Paul's Story

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Age: 50s
E-bike make and model: Scott E-Aspect 920
Journey types:
E-bike owner since:
October 2015

Paul, an e-bike rider in London, riding his e-bike in the park
What do you enjoy about riding an e-bike?

It's a magical feeling, like flying. It puts a smile on my face; I now actually enjoy going into work. It gives me health, freedom, relaxation, and it saves money.

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Why did you choose to get an e-bike?

I commuted into London by motorcycle for over 40 years. I always wanted to cycle to keep fit, but found that after a day's work it was just too far.

The e-bike has made cycling to work possible. My journey includes two very steep hills, but even on the hottest days I stay cool. I now commute the 37-mile round trip four days a week, clocking up around 8,000 miles last year.


How did you go about choosing and buying your e-bike?

I have a great e-bike shop locally with knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. I'd been visiting them over a number of years to look at e-bikes. Then on holiday my wife and I hired e-bikes and loved the experience.

Trying out an e-bike for the first time convinced me to take the leap and purchase one from my local shop. They talked me through my options and allowed me to test-ride various bikes until we found a model that suited my needs.

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Who would you recommend e-bikes to?

Everybody! Have you tried one?

A friend who couldn't keep up with her triathlete boyfriend on a conventional bike bought an e-bike and now they enjoy outings together.

My retired friends in France have purchased two e-bikes to explore the hilly countryside.

A stranger at the traffic lights asked about my e-bike. He later purchased a bike from my local shop too!