Philip's Story

Philip's Story

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Age: 40s
E-bike make and model: Riese and Muller Swing NuVinci
Journey types:
Commuting, shopping and occasional leisure rides
E-bike owner since:
June 2017

Philip, an e-bike rider in London, riding his e-bike on a shared-use path in a park

What do you enjoy about riding an e-bike?

It takes the strain out of longer commutes, especially during the winter months, as you feel better able to undertake the journey. There is also a time-saving on longer commutes.

You can choose how much effort you want to put in. If you're feeling a bit tired you can increase the power the bike provides, but if you want a bit of a workout you can decrease the power.


Why did you choose to get an e-bike?
When I first got my e-bike my commute was 10 miles each way, which adds up day-in, day-out over the weeks and months.

With an e-bike, it doesn't matter if your journey is longer than you would normally want to cycle because the e-bike makes up for that extra distance.


Do you encounter any challenges when riding an e-bike?
I do have to charge my battery every day. But this depends on the capacity of the battery and I understand they are improving in range.


How did you go about choosing and buying your e-bike?
I was able to borrow an e-bike through work, which made it easy for me to experience the benefits of an e-bike before buying one. Mine is a town bike and I like the upright riding position.

My wife is now looking to buy a similar bike, but would also like to try out a few different makes and models before purchasing. Finding out where you can test-ride a range of practical e-bikes can be tricky.

Use our map to find a free test ride.


Who would you recommend e-bikes to?
I would recommend e-bikes to anyone!