Robert's Story

Robert's Story

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Age: 40s
E-bike make and model: Scott E-Scale 710
Journey types:
E-bike owner since:
April 2017

What do you enjoy about riding an e-bike? Robert, an e-bike rider in London, riding his e-bike up a steep hill

My e-bike gives me faster journey times, a comfortable ride, and it's suitable for all-weather riding. Snow, wind, rain or shine, I'm out on my bike and loving it. It's also bags of fun on rough terrain!

Why did you choose to get an e-bike?

I've always loved riding, but a home relocation, longer commute and a growing family started to make riding a conventional bike to work very difficult. I had to come up with a solution that would allow me to commute to work without increasing the financial burden on the family purse.

The options came down to buying a second car, a motorbike, or an e-bike. After a lot of research, some test rides and weighing up the relative costs, I decided to go with an e-bike.

What are the advantages of an e-bike?

The e-bike guarantees me a one-hour commute. It's comfortable, durable and faster than driving to work. The e-bike lets me stay fit and healthy and the power assistance means I can still enjoy riding home even after a long shift at work.

Robert, an e-bike rider in London, riding his e-bike up a steep hill on a residential street

How did you go about choosing and buying your e-bike?

Research is key. I visited a few different retailers, investigated different options and asked questions. I was looking for a retailer with good customer service, knowledge of their products and after-sales care. I leant towards outlets with an on-site bike technician.

I took my time and chose to go with a local shop, Cycling Made Easy. They knew their stuff, offered free test rides and guided me to an e-bike that suits my needs. I couldn't be happier with my choice.

Who would you recommend e-bikes to?

I recommend e-bikes to everyone!